Fundamentals course 1 session – Innercise
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The journey has begun and we kindly ask you to do what you can, to do your part. It requires conscious work and focus, so take this opportunity and spend 30 minutes a day during the course. Give these methods a real chance to see what it can give at the other end.

Your score on the exhalation test, which we did on the first session, is entered in the form below. Throughout the process, we will follow the development of the score as the tolerance threshold increases!

NOTE: The Apnea and Cadence training protocols are secondary to the homework described below. If you have the spare time for more than the everyday program, you can benefit from immersing yourself in Apnea & Cadence.

The Apnea protocol:
Will train the diaphragm and lungs to expand as much as possible and thus increase your ability to absorb and deliver more oxygen to the organs, brain and muscles.

The Cadence protocol:
For use in order to down-regulate your nervous system, relax as much as possible and thus increase your stress threshold.


The tolerance test is a solid indicator of how you react to stress! The longer the exhalation, the better you handle stress, anxiety, etc. Your breathing patterns reacts every moment to the body's energy needs.

When we measure the ability to exhale, we gain a deeper understanding of how your body handles stress. A daily practice of breathing exercises is a catalyst to optimize your health and which simultaneously increases your stress threshold.

The most important thing about a breathing practice is the daily focus. A little is better than nothing!


Pauses, panics, swallow or simply runs out of air, the test is DONE!

Guided breathwork soundfile for session 1 in english

Guided breathwork soundfile for session 1 in danish

We recommend training at least 4 times spread over the week. Next time, we will follow up on how it went with implementing the daily practice and what it can/has/will do if you persist.

It is important to point out that a new habit is created on the basis of your practice. With increased awareness habit is build and this is the central element of the Fundamentals course.

We have created a Facebook group called Innercisere, which we recommend joining. Here you will be able to share experiences and get help with various challenges/questions.

It can be a great help during and after the course.

On Spotify and Youtube Music there is an Innercise playlist that can serve as an inspiration for great music that you can use in your breathwork training.

The reset protocol.

- 10 deep breaths, release the exhalation.

- On the last breath, exhale completely, as in completely!

- Take a deep breath, pull your stomach in towards your spine and push up towards your head.

Use it if you need to change your state of mind or time is a  scarcity.

ATTENTION! Do it sitting or lying down in a safe environment. Always pay attention to safety. It's a powerful protocol!

The everyday program

Tummo breathing excercises and the Apnea protocol, 3-4 sessions 4 times a week.

Use the guided session. End your showers cold. Easy to begin with and no forcing it. Start with 30 seconds this week. Focus should be on a calm and deep breathing rhythm as possible during your shower.