Fundamentals course 3 session – Innercise
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We introduced a new protocol! Holotropic power breathing is a protocol that is good for optimizing energy and making you more alkaline. The breath is inhaled as usual but with a higher speed for better effect/sensations in 2-3 minutes - try it out! There is no right or wrong.

50-60 inhalations for 3 minutes in total. There are 3 gears of about 1 minute each. On the last exhalation we exhale and empty the lungs completely and then take an inhalation... all the way in... hold and tense in the pelvic area, pull in the belly and push up in the head... that's one round!

A good session can be 1 x Tummo breathing and 2 x Holotropic breathing as in the audio file below.

The word "holotropic" comes from the Greek "holos" (whole) and "trep" (to turn). So holotropic means to turn towards the whole. It is a kind of self-exploration journey where you engage your conscious mind.

It also involves various spiritual traditions. According to transpersonal psychology, negative symptoms and mental blockages come from forgetting or suppressing things. The theory was that we could reach these things in states of expanded consciousness or holotropic states.

Holotropic sessions include many different states of consciousness, where you sometimes go all the way back to your own birth or even further back in time.

We still recommend that YOU exercise a minimum of 4 times per week in addition to the group training session. Next time we will follow up on how the past week has been in terms of practice, and what it can/has/will do if you keep going.

It is important to point out that the habit is created based on your practice. With awareness comes habit and this is the fundamental element in the process..

Home training

We recommend using the audio file, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

The focus in everyday life is to use the nose to breathe through... Because it is created specifically for this single purpose!

Reset Protocol

- 10 deep inhalations, let go completely on the exhalation.

- On the last exhalation. Exhale completely, as in completely out!

- Take a deep inhalation, tuck the belly in, create the pressure, and push the oxygen up in the head.

Use it when there is something "in the way" to change it to something you want. Try it out as often as you can! 

Daily Routine

Follow the audio file and finish your baths with cold water. Quiet and slow buildup, this week the period under the cold water is extended to about 90 seconds. Focus on maintaining a calm and deep breath.

Extra training suggestions 

Use your training program with the Apnea and Cadence Protocols to increase your CO2 tolerance threshold.

Guided Holotropic Power Breathing Protocol